Drum Dancer Records presents Detroit roots fusion music...some country, Americana, rock, folk, and some mixes with celtic roots from across the pond.

Owner Billy Brandt toured the country for 2 years with the rock band .38 Special as the bands official merchandiser. During those years on the road Billy wrote songs in the truck with his business partner and would sing them at the hotel after the show with the band's backing singers.

After moving back to Detroit Billy moved into artist development and started Drum Dancer Records in 1993 as a management label. He cultivated several bands to the point of major label interest and Drum Dancer soon grew to become a full record production label. Soon after he signed a new singer-songwriter named Jill Jack to his label. Billy helped launch Jill's career by releasing her first four CDs.

In 2009, Drum Dancer began producing a series of live video recordings called "Live from Billy's Basement". Drum Dancer Records is now in the process of building a songwriters' network with similar artists on the other side of the Atlantic as they travel to the UK with the idea of exploring opportunities to help UK folk artists reach new listeners in the States.